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Dr. Jennifer Avina

Dr. Jennifer Avina earned her degree in Life Sciences from Arizona State University and completed her Optometry education at Western University School of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. Throughout her training, Dr. Avina honed her skills and knowledge through diverse internships. These included valuable experiences at Veterans Affairs facilities in Bangor, Maine, and Lyons, New Jersey, as well as Indian Health Services in Hu Hu Kam, Arizona, and a behavioral optometry clinic in Chandler, Arizona. Now back in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Avina is eager to give back to her community. She is passionate about ensuring her patients maintain optimal eye health and takes pleasure in educating them about their vision. Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Avina believes in living a well-rounded life. In her free time, she stays active and cherishes quality time with her husband and family.